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Corporate Financing Counsel From A Fellow Business Owner

Navigating securities regulations requires the counsel of an attorney who has worked with numerous business entities in a variety of industries. At Maygrim Legal Analytics LLC, attorney Scott Shepard has more than 30 years of experience counseling New York City’s entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, angel firms and many other businesses to remain in compliance with the law.

He also helps you explore options for funding so you can set your company up for short-term and long-term financial stability. As a business owner who runs his own limited liability corporation, he has encountered many of the same challenges as you – and knows how to guide you through them.

Proactive, Cohesive And Wide Ranging

Scott practices a full range of services within corporate finance law, including:

A significant part of his practice is proactively mitigating your exposure to risk. He can help you select the best fit for funding your business while avoiding the potential liabilities that come with noncompliance.

Cost-Effective Services Comparable To In-House Counsel

Many businesses and individuals need trustworthy counsel but do not want to pay the exorbitant prices charged by in-house counsel. Scott’s services are efficient, precise and tailored to meet your needs – without draining your resources. You receive the sophistication, skill and knowledge of a corporate law firm with the personalized attention that only a solo practitioner can deliver.

Speak To A Lawyer About Commercial Financing Today

From securing financing to proactively managing securities compliance, Maygrim Legal Analytics LLC has the counsel you need. You can schedule an initial consultation by contacting Scott’s law office in Manhattan. Begin by calling 917-997-5194 or by using his online contact form.