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Helping New York’s Businesses Complete Successful Mergers And Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition is an exciting time in the lifespan of a business. To ensure success, it is critical to have the eye of an attorney who has extensive experience working with a variety of New York-based business clients, including public offerings, private offerings, international clients and more.

Maygrim Legal Analytics LLC delivers this in spades. As the firm’s founding attorney, Scott Shepard feels honored to provide each client with the individualized attention and advocacy they deserve. He substantial experience in corporate and financial law, the better to guide entrepreneurs and business entities through every step of a merger and/or acquisition, including:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Financial services
  • Spin-offs
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Contract drafting and review
  • Discovery, due diligence, analysis and evaluation
  • Compliance matters

Many businesses, particularly startups and sole proprietorships in the early stages of operation, do not have in-house counsel. Scott can provide many of the same services as in-house counsel at a fraction of the expense to his clients.

Proactive Risk Management Through Commercial Contracts

Proactive risk management is an imperative part of any merger and acquisition. With commercial contracts as one of Scott’s core practices, he is skilled in spotting and managing potential sources of exposure. With him reviewing, drafting and negotiating your purchase or sale agreement, you have the assurance that the contract protects your best interests and takes every precaution to minimize disputes. He has additional skill in alternative dispute resolution and, when needed, high-stakes commercial and civil litigation.

Make A Consultation About Mergers And Acquisitions Today

Whether you are selling or acquiring, you can rely on the representation of Maygrim Legal Analytics LLC. Please contact the firm’s office to schedule your initial consultation. To speak with Scott, you can call his law office at 917-997-5194, or send him an email.